sun out. it’s cold. it’s pretty. our garden is a mess. silas and i are hanging at the house here in london, nice to be home. the others are somewhere else in the world, they took their little personal worlds with them, setting up camp every day… silas and i are also part of those mini-worlds of theirs and therefore do not ferl left behind or neglected in any way. i woke up at 5 o’clock straight, still beeing jetlagged after japan.

japan. there’s a topic. we have just been to japan, tokyo, osaka, nagoya… what luck to be back. japan, is always special… thank you everyone.

so how are you all liking the new tracks? who would have thought… i am though, really looking forward to when the whole record is out, since it’s meant to be heard in one go.. btw, we took zookeeper off the record, we just didn’t really feel.. like…..it……..

juuuust kidding! its there, don’t worry, good old zookeeper.

i have only heard about two reviews, one in dk’s euroman which is six outa six and then in uk’s mojo where its 4 outa 5, i thinks it’s ‘either or’ with this record: either you get it, which means invest some time in it, or you don’t, hence i think the reviews are gonna be shiftingly amazing and some shit-ass! we have never gotten bad reviews really, and im kinda excited to get some, so cross your fingers!
anything you wanna ask me ? okay then, i’ll be on my way, we’ll see you soon lords and ladies.


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