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Take a peek at Mew’s very first webpage from the year 1997. Content has been harvested from the Wayback Machine, which takes snapshots of old websites and stores them for safe keeping.

Note: It probably goes without saying, but most of this information is completely out of date, so things like links and email addresses are almost certainly dead.

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Mew was formed in 1994 in Copenhagen, Denmark by guitarists Bo Madsen and Jonas Bjerre, and bassist Johan Wohlert when their previous band collapsed. Trying out an infinite number of drummers, they finally teamed up with Silas Graae (the brother of one of Bo´s class mates). During the next couples of months they developed a certain style, which is kinda spunky and twinkly and loud. Late November 1995, approximately a year after Silas joined, they played their first live gig as Mew. Since then, they have been playing the Danish clubs, supporting bands like Come, Telstar Ponies and Velvet Belly.

Mew released their debut album April 2nd 1997. It is produced by Damon Tutunjian of the boston-based band Swirlies. If you need any information on Mew, please contact their label:

Klareboderne 3
1001 KBH K
+ 33 11 07 75

Or you can email Mew at


newsNews, Dates and Reviews

* We are playing RUST in Copenhagen on the 21st of August. Then, on the 3rd of October we head for Odense to play at Studenterhuset.

* The next single is coming out in the late fall. It will contain a new version of She came home for Christmas, some remixes and probably a new song as well. Remixes done by Opiate and Rune!

* We are currently looking for a girl to sing and play synths. If you know anyone, please email us!

* We released our debut album "a triumph for man" on April 2nd 1997. Read the reviews.

* We have made a video for our single "I should have been a tsin-tsi (for you)". It is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (who directed "PUSHER"). Click here to see some snapshots and learn more about the video.


* Thanks to everyone who went to see our show on our tour of Denmark with luksus and the P4 dj´s (Rune, Opiate, Vigga and Stoffer). We´re all going to miss P4. A special thank you to Mads Vegas who is the most cosmic kid on the planet!!!

mads vegas

* We played live at the monoland/P4 arrangement at Vega, Copenhagen, on the 19th of December, along with Nikolaj Nørlund, Speaker Bite Me, Luksus, Port Friendly and Lovebites! Read the reviews here.


membersMembers case you want to know stuff about the members of Mew, this is it! §:-)

Silas Graae - the drummer. In being eighteen years old, he is the youngest member of Mew. He likes listening to rare Dinosaur jr and My Bloody Valentine releases. He is still the only member who has a drivers license.
Bo Madsen - the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. Works part time as a bartender and part time as a teacher in elementary school. He likes going to the movies and spending time with Mathilde. He´s allergic to any food that is healthy to normal people and thus he only eats candy and fast food. Very soon, we´ll have a picture of Bo teaching a bunch of kids how to sing "Tsin-Tsi".
Johan Wohlert - the bassist and backing vocalist #2. Works in a kindergarden, though he is mostly fired from his jobs. Tending to skate (although somewhat retired) he is currently working as a journalist in the prominent Danish skateboard mag Metropolis. He makes an incredible homemade pizza with potatoes, and is something of a health-freak. He wears a cowboy hat, and is the most persistent pop-addict among us. Sometimes, he plays the accordian.

jonas Jonas Bjerre - the vocalist and guitarist #2. (His birthday is September 21st in case you wanna mail him on that particular day §:-) ). He works in video post production and likes science fiction and all kinds of other nerd-stuff. He´s very fascinated by Chinese and Cantonese culture. Apart from all that, he´s just a swell and lovable guy. Jonas - which is me - did make this homepage.



cover A triumph for man - Our debut album released April 2nd 1997.

Read the reviews.

tsin-tsi single I should have been a tsin-tsi (for you) - Promo single featuring "I should have been a tsin-tsi (for you)" and "Beautiful balloon" both taken from the album.

Yet to come:

Split 7" with Polytone

A tribute to the Degenerates



You can download some clips of our songs,
they are both in Sun-format (.au) and compressed (.zip)
All of this material is taken from early demos (and it´s not excactly hifi...)
Email us and tell us what you think.

* Beautiful balloon 11 seconds, 566K

* Wherever 37 seconds, 826K



I should have been a Tsin-Tsi (for you)

when I call you up / always think twice / I´ve been gathering the eminent flies
there are times when I call you up twice / no more saying what with all of your ties
cause I should have been a tsin-tsi for you / I should have been a tsin-tsi for you

Beautiful Balloon

there´s a shooting star / can you tell me how / I´m supposed to screw this up?
add my tremolo / likes to shine on yours and mine / all my emptiness is confined in metric rhyme
make all your lies come true / I´ve been a liar too / follow the things you need
make your whole life complete / there´s a puking girl / trying to define herself
if spontaniously congealed into nothing / idiot / you could have become you
there´s a friend / trapped in this dream too / it´s like I said before
like in the notes you tore / should I say goodnight to you? / really I
tell me honestly / am I adorable? / in her beautiful balloon / she´s got hands
but she cannot reach the moon / wish I was gay / then I wouldn´t have to play
all her games / get her started / how could I not forget?

Wheels over me

mending hand bleeding / and lend my hands the wheel / you fly over me
let it go now / you´ve been glad too / with my hand´s the wheel / you cry over me
I would like to be a child / drown with me until you die / I thought I heard you cry
but it´s just the wheels / that ride over me / but then I know that´s why
when I hear you sneeze / you´re my dancing girl / I never thought you´d mean the world
it´s why I´m here / and why it seems reliable / so much time for us
there´s nowhere here but there it was / the tale I had / and you became a friend again
the tale I told in a breeze



This is the Mew gallery of photos and pictures.
Some of these are kinda old but that just makes us look younger than we are...
(not that our surfaces should have anything to do with our music, really).

An EMBARRASING photo of Bo...

bo´s secret shame...
In case you´re not sure, Bo is the guy with the shaades!

Mew hard at work...

recording studio
Left: Bo, right: Jonas, at the back: Silas.

Damon Tutunjian of the Swirlies

Damon (our producer) announces his true love for Bo´s ´63 Fender Mustang

Johan offers someone a drink in Krakow, Poland

johan´s beer
I know that sometimes it´s hard. Cheers!

Bo wearing blue shaaades.

Oh wow!

Mew at the antique transit.

antique transit
From left to right: Bo, Jonas and Silas.


Photograph by Hannah, poetry by Jonas, the girl is called Silja.

Caught up in his solo...

Bo is making noise (on the floor). Trine took this picture.



Polytone - our friends and favourite band in DK

Swirlies - in which Damon Tutunjian (our producer) is the singer/guitarist

Crash-site - a moody indierock group from Copenhagen

The Dreaming - the homepage of Jonas´ favourite comics author Neil Gaiman

Alleder´s Homepage - he has a story to tell

Destiny-601 - the place where Jonas works in the daytime


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