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Good morning frengers! I am staying in the kind of place where you would expect to meet Cliff Huxtable in the early hours, scurrying out for the newspaper in his morning robe. It’s great here! There are tall trees lining the streets. I am so happy to finally be here! Silas and Bo are arriving …

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NY departure close now

NY departure close now. weeks and days only, months not. spring in brooklyn. endless jams. music talks and italian food. ride the bikes to manhatten. survive it. dance on the ceiling. plus, we might do a little something when we are there. ciao bellas, bl


Hi Frengers, We will be recording our new and shamelessly wonderful record in Brooklyn nY in may with producer Rich Costey. Rich is an old friend of the family, as some of you might know Rich produced Frengers. I mean not you. We have personally danced to every song just to make sure. And we …

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Episode 6

Hello frengers, I hope you will enjoy this sixth episode of our ongoing film diary shenanigans, this time narrated by.. well, I’m not gonna tell you, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves! As per usual I suggest you download the full quality version as it’s much nicer and holds more detail and precious …

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straight to remix

hey everybody. we are getting very close to having a finish record. everything comes from finland these days, its cool there. actually, to be more exact when i say finish i really mean finished and when i say finished i reeeeally mean almost finished writing the record. we have thrown so much material away its …

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