straight to remix

hey everybody.

we are getting very close to having a finish record. everything comes
from finland these days, its cool there. actually, to be more exact
when i say finish i really mean finished and when i say finished i
reeeeally mean almost finished writing the record. we have thrown so
much material away its sick, SICK. i have plus 200 recordings on my
computer, perhaps 25 percent is stand up, the rest is straight to
remix. its like this, you do a part, then keep it for a while and if
it stays fresh you hang on to it ( for now ), maybe later you scrap
it. but even though you scrap it, sometimes in a sense it will still
be there, because maybe it took you somewhere new that have become
part of you, a new open landscape and THAT new premise becomes the
parts own downfall because you now have a better understanding of
what is is you wanted to express and how to do it. its a dirty F job
but some parts have to play the part.

we have now decided on a producer for the record and he was here in
copenhagen for a few days recently. it was great to get started on
those talks/discussions/arguments. for a couple of days we played and
talked music, had indian food and shared one bottle of red wine.

anyways all,

hope you are all well,


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