From Bastian: Bass retrieved!

On the last night of the last rehearsal with Mew I lost a rickenbacker bass in the streets of copenhagen, I was walking back home with Jonas and Nick and the bass must have fallen off the suitcase it was strapped on to, I am still in disbelief as to how I didnt notice, I ran back as soon as I found out but it was too late.
The bass was lent to me by a friend and I have been heartbroken for losing something that wasnt mine to lose in the first place
Due to a supremely kind human being who goes by the name of Mads, the bass has now been returned.
As I live in london, JJ picked it up, rewarded him, and returned it to its rightful owner.
I am forever grateful for his honesty and feel extremely lucky as I know it is extremely stupid to lose a bass in the street.
However, I am now back in denmark and have finished another set of rehearsal with mew and……….. well I can’t tell you about the new secret stuff…… cause its secret

– Bastian

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