Author: Mew

Aug 2

Episode 7

Hello frengers
Finally episode 7 of our ongoing film diary is up for your viewing pleasure, this time narrated by Rich Costey
– Jonas



Dear frengers. What a great city this is! I have not had the chance to spend this much time here in New York before and I gotta tell you, it’s really grown on me. It’s been a busy month and a half and we still have quite a task in front of us, but things are developing as we planned and – sometimes – in ways we had never dreamed possible. The studio in Brooklyn is quite extraordinary, it is a playground full of wondrous musical instruments, their making spanning from the early 20th century to modern day.

Outside in the warm night, fireflies signal their secret language and I am buying Italian take-away on my way home from the studio where we have worked late into the evening. In the mornings I can sometimes hear the gospel choir of a nearby church, and in the afternoons the repetetive, monotonous melody of the ice cream vans, a melody I must have heard a hundred times, yet can never remember when I try to recall it in my head. There are too many commercials on television to watch television, and sometimes the train takes forever to come. The city never sleeps and it does its best to lure you into its sleeplessness. But you can’t let it. Because not sleeping will make you go crazy! Crazy I tells ya!

– Jonas


we are now settled in the studio, which is very sweet looking with
all kinds of old gear, and a lot of people there. we have been
getting drums sounds and basics for rest the of us and today we will
start tracking. this is exciting stuff i must say. the last weeks we
spent in a celler room in greenpoint, a polish neighborhood, playing
through the songs with rich, and eating lunch in the shadows under
big trees in the nearby park. it was hot, very hot the first week,
not for viking kind, and we cut our beards and had to leave our fur
and leather clothes at the house, entering the world each morning in
nothing but jeans, underwear, a shirt, a sweater, a tshirt, socks,
shoes and a hat. wierd.

anyways, this is looking good,




all y’alls,

jonas is already in NY, silas and i are leaving in 2 days, we are starting off in brooklyn at a rehearsel space for doo weeks, then studio. so before we leave i just wanted to give you guys a glimse of some of the songs.. here we go,

ciao and see you mfers soon bee black

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Jun 6


Good morning frengers!
I am staying in the kind of place where you would expect to meet Cliff Huxtable in the early hours, scurrying out for the newspaper in his morning robe.
It’s great here! There are tall trees lining the streets. I am so happy to finally be here!
Silas and Bo are arriving in a few days, and then we’re going to get going! It’s very exciting, we’ve got songs that we’ve spent the last two years writing, and we’ve got some that are really new, the mixture is refreshing and makes for additional adventurousness!

Early this morning the phone woke me up. I answered it and a dark voice simply said “goodbye” and hung up. What now? What is this? I thought. Is the house gonna blow up? But luckily it didn’t.

And now I’m off into the wilderness of Brooklyn

– Jonas


NY departure close now. weeks and days only, months not. spring in
brooklyn. endless jams. music talks and italian food. ride the bikes
to manhatten. survive it. dance on the ceiling.

plus, we might do a little something when we are there.

ciao bellas,



To all frengers everywhere

It has been a long and dark winter and there is snow yet in Copenhagen. But the light gleems through the cotton-like clouds above and a sense of something new fills the cold air and thrills me! We have songs to finish and the words and music feel crisp in our hands, we are soon ready to set sails for NYC and start putting things to tape. It’s going to be quite an adventure, I can promise you!

Our good friend and collegue in Symptoms has a new album out called Calm on which our own Silas lends a hand with rhythm. If you wanna check it out you can hear some tracks here:

A lovely wednesday to you all!

– Jonas

Mar 5


Hi Frengers,

We will be recording our new and shamelessly wonderful record in
Brooklyn nY in may with producer Rich Costey. Rich is an old friend
of the family, as some of you might know Rich produced Frengers. I
mean not you.

We have personally danced to every song just to make sure. And we
have sung every chorus. And it feels pretty D good.

see you all soon,


Feb 26

Episode 6

Hello frengers,
I hope you will enjoy this sixth episode of our ongoing film diary shenanigans, this time narrated by.. well, I’m not gonna tell you, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves!
As per usual I suggest you download the full quality version as it’s much nicer and holds more detail and precious sound texture than the rather compressed looking web one..
But this requires a pretty strong and vicious web-connection, obviously!

In other news, yep we are getting close to finishing up the writing and it’s sounding sweeeeet!
More updates soon, we promise!
Thanks for your patience, we will get new sounds carefully caressing and (when rough action is required) pounding upon your ear drums as soon as we can!

– Jonas

Click to Download: Episode 6


hey everybody.

we are getting very close to having a finish record. everything comes
from finland these days, its cool there. actually, to be more exact
when i say finish i really mean finished and when i say finished i
reeeeally mean almost finished writing the record. we have thrown so
much material away its sick, SICK. i have plus 200 recordings on my
computer, perhaps 25 percent is stand up, the rest is straight to
remix. its like this, you do a part, then keep it for a while and if
it stays fresh you hang on to it ( for now ), maybe later you scrap
it. but even though you scrap it, sometimes in a sense it will still
be there, because maybe it took you somewhere new that have become
part of you, a new open landscape and THAT new premise becomes the
parts own downfall because you now have a better understanding of
what is is you wanted to express and how to do it. its a dirty F job
but some parts have to play the part.

we have now decided on a producer for the record and he was here in
copenhagen for a few days recently. it was great to get started on
those talks/discussions/arguments. for a couple of days we played and
talked music, had indian food and shared one bottle of red wine.

anyways all,

hope you are all well,