Good morning frengers!
I am staying in the kind of place where you would expect to meet Cliff Huxtable in the early hours, scurrying out for the newspaper in his morning robe.
It’s great here! There are tall trees lining the streets. I am so happy to finally be here!
Silas and Bo are arriving in a few days, and then we’re going to get going! It’s very exciting, we’ve got songs that we’ve spent the last two years writing, and we’ve got some that are really new, the mixture is refreshing and makes for additional adventurousness!

Early this morning the phone woke me up. I answered it and a dark voice simply said “goodbye” and hung up. What now? What is this? I thought. Is the house gonna blow up? But luckily it didn’t.

And now I’m off into the wilderness of Brooklyn

– Jonas

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