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The video takes place in an old Chinese grill, in fact, it was the first Chinese grill ever to be put into business in Denmark. To the left, we see the waitress carrying some of the mouthwatering au´derves that you can expect from a classy place like this.

To the right, we see Fung serving up some very old Chinese dish, with profound pride in his eyes.

The video was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also directed the succesful feature film "PUSHER". Eigil Bryld, who was the director of photography, is most known for his work on the film "DEN ATTENDE".

To the left here, we clearly see that this video has romance, as well as cooking. As a matter of fact, it has just about everything you could possibly want in a video. And more!

At this time, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Fung and Gao, and everyone at Nam Tip for appearing in our video. And also, Nicolas, Eigil, Eva, Erik, Louise and everyone else who helped us! Thanx also Klaus for driving, Mona for lending us her PA system and Anders at Destiny for helping out with post production.


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