UK tour!

What a great week this has been! Thank you so much frengers for giving us such a warm welcome back on UK soil, that was incredible! I really feel great about these 4 gigs, they were all very special and I think everyone in the band enjoyed it more than we have for a long time! Of course it helps when the audience is that great and receptive to our music. It moves me more than you know when people sing along to the songs, and even the new ones! And I was pleased to meet some patient frengers outside the venues, what lovely people you are, all of you! Another reason why this tour has been so great is our amazing crew who are a pleasure to work and travel with. A thousand thanks to Mads, Mads, Dyre, Thomas and as always the TM JJ! Last but not least our very own physician Doc. Nick Watts who played them keys like they were writhing snakes of pure lust! Also a big thank you to Pure Reason Revolution for coming on tour with us, I look forward to your album!

If these gigs are any indication of what September will be like I can’t wait! I will leave some room now, for I am sure the others might pop in here and say hello.

In short: Thank you!!!!!!!!!

– Jonas


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