and the Glass Handed Kites

hey frengers, how are you, now the record is finally coming out, and how nice is that..

we’re in northhampton, it’s sunny, but getting cold, fall is here. last year we didnt have any fall, because we were in LA at the time, and you don’t really get the fall there, so i missed my favorite time of year. that means im really taking it in double this year.

we played sheffield yesterday, which was fun, our first time as headline act, it was pretty packed and there was a good mood, i saw two people dancing? well that was probably jonas and johan, at least johan was getting his workout, i had a hard time following his pace.

since i last wrote we’ve also been on a short trip to norway for promotion, beautiful oslo, the light was so clear that day, and looking out over the bay so reminded me of Munch and his wonderous pictures..

btw special is coming out as a single on monday, so please go check it out..

i’m feeling good, its nice to see reviews of the record and feel peoples generosity towards us, we have great support for our music from you frengers, the greatest music lovers out there,



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