Hallo Frengerinos!

We’re almost at the end of yet another fantastic UK tour..
It’s soooo nice. Every time we tour this great country, more and more Frengers come out to see us. We’re very pleased… Thanks a lot all of you! Tonight is gonna be kind of crazy.. We’re doing our gig here in Liverpool and then at midnight we go back to Copenhagen by private jet!!!!

Fucking hell.. The sweet life of a rock star!! We’re due to play the Royal Copenhagen opera tomorrow night. And then Monday back to do the last gig of this UK tour in Birmingham.

We had a good solid disco night out in Edinburgh yesterday.. What a beautiful place!!! I felt like Knight Ivanhoe, trusted ally of King Richard the Lion-hearted, walking down the street inbetween castles

And fair ladies…

I have yet to see a more picturesque city in all of the United Kingdom..

The good Doctor Watts is by my side telling me to wake up and stop dreaming about dungeons and dragons…

-Over and Out.. Captain Woolhart

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