Paris, October 05

Bonsoir toutes les frengers au monde!
(ahem… my French is… comme-ci comme-ca).
Bo and I are taking it easy in Paris for a few days until the much-looked-forward-to tour starts with Elbow in not more than 4 days! Yay!

I am sitting in a small flat opposite the beautiful church of Sacre’ Caeur, the view is.. magnifique! (okay I’m gonna give my French a rest now. Sorry.)

And on a more serious note.. to all the people who came to the show at Bergen, Norway I must apologize for the shortness of the set. I had some kind of flu virus which spread to my vocal chord and my voice was in a poor state.. I actually had to go to a special doctor and get a vitamin b injection (which really did the trick though!). I promise we will make it up to you the next time we play Bergen by doing something special!

Today I took a long walk along the Seine and listened to Dolittle by the Pixies.. Yeah. I know. Everybody loves the Pixies now. But damn… what an album!

Well, you may have heard things are getting a little dodgy here because of the riots, but we haven’t seen any of it with our own eyes and are hoping it won’t spread to our neighborhoods..

Thanks to everyone that voted for us for the EMA!! What a great time it is, when the wizardry of Mew is accepted even into the wilderness of award shows!

I’ve included a few pictures from various places and times in September/October (yeah… sorry about the delay!)

And so… for now… au revoir!

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