Beautiful Norway


Hey Frengerlines..
We’re back in beautiful Norway yet again.. And let me tell you if you havn’t been… GO!
We had a bit of a midnight drama last night on the way from Oslo to Bergen. A very LARGE bull moose steped out in front of the bus and we almost hit the big fella. After a little stand-off between the moose and our busdriver Andy, the bull chose to make its way back into the deep dark forest. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve seen a moose out in the nature.. Amazing animal… They are SOOOO big!

Before we started our Scandi-tour, we just had time to shoot a new video for our next single.. I can’t tell you which song it is as that would spoil the surprise.. We shot it with this Canadian director called Jaron Albertin. Very strange plot.. Very sureal video…. Can’t wait to see the finished version!!

We have the pleasure of being joined on the road by our long time friends in Blue Foundation. They will be acting as support through out the Scandinavian tour.

Bo caught a HUGE fish this morning down in the habour here in Bergen. We had to be two guys just to get it out of the water. When we finally got the poor thing ashore it had used all its strengh and was more or less dead… We didn’t feel very good about the whole thing and we put it back into the water. No reaction… But then, all of a sudden it moved and just swam away.. Thank God!!!
It was just too big to kill!

-Captain Woolhart

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