Two different ladies serving coffee

Seeing as Bo’s been complaining about us not writing enough I thought “why not two entries written in two consecutive days?”
I was stood today at Heathrow airport with time on my hands. SO I went to pick up a modest sized cappucino. The lady behind the counter did not look me in the eyes. I guess she looks a lot of people in the eyes through such a day. Too much eye contact. Too much of a good thing. The coffee was entirely satisfying none the less and I sat back down and drank it with a sense of serene pleasure, having arrived there early.

That lady behind the counter was nothing like the lady on sunday who gave me coffee at the V festival. She looked me square in the eyes and smiled with genuine niceness and even asked how my day had been. “It’s been good” I told her. “Though I have spent most of it sleeping”. That made her laugh, though I wasn’t even trying to be funny or anything.
I don’t hold it against the lady at Heathrow airport as I am sure if you smile to people all day maybe towards the end it will start feeling like you’re not really smiling but that your muscles are stuck that way. We just finished playing 4 festival shows, they were each good in different ways. I’m so amazed at how many people came to see us in Holland and Belgium as we have hardly done any shows there in the past. Great audience! And I got to see some shows too, really enjoyed the Knife, their show is very visual and I even danced a little. I think JJ may have been dancing a bit too, come to think of it. The V festival was pleasant, got to see some friends and all of you who came to our tent: thank you! We realize that our shows coincided with those of Radiohead who, after all, are local heroes. We were a bit worried that none would show up but as it turned out the turn-out turned out good!

Much as I love touring and dispensing our home-grown magic around the globe I must say it feels good to have a few days off now just for a tiny while I shall close my eyes and think of nothing, clear my thoughts and breathe in a healthy new-age kinda way. Then, before you know it, the road and the wilderness will call our names again and we shall return with glee and hugely flailing backstrokes! That one was for you, Doc and Mads.

May your beds keep you warm and shelter you from nightmares my dear frengers.

– Jonas

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