More snips from our US tour

o frengers

just thought I’d fill you in on the rest of our US tour, kinda take off where Bo left off in his last post. Also for your viewing I bring some pics from the tour. They are kinda random pictures and I offer no explanation 🙂 The guy in the flowers is the yes girl himself, Damon of the Swirlies who came along for our ride on the east coast to sprinkle some extra magic on our stylistic style.

After Denver (which I thoroughly enjoyed) we went on to California.

This tour, the whole US tour, was so amazing; the people, the weather (well maybe it was a bit too humid for me in NY actually… but who cares, I love NY!), the shows.. it was great being back in LA which kinda feels like a home away from home after having spent 4 months there recording Kites! Maybe it’s all that sun, I don’t know, but everyone was so friendly and open to our sounds.

I could tell that a lot of the frengers at the shows knew of our songs, even the older ones, which was wonderful!

Thank you all! Hope to be back soon… very soon in fact.

Lots of sunny dreams

– Jonas

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