dancing lessons


how are you all doing. i write to yas from the south of france, we have retreated here to concentrate on the writing of a new record before heading to america in mid september. its swell here, oh jolly, very calm and nothing like the various big cities we have just left behind. we live at the end of a long road that winds into the hills, and the house is big with many rooms so you might get lost on the way to the living room where we have set up our instruments and make our music.
it has come to my attention that some of the people at the tivoli gig found it odd and didnt like that we invited people from the audience on stage in special. to me theres nothing inappropriate in having frengers on stage. i just thought it was sad we couldnt bring…. aaaaall of you!

anyways dry your eyes, maybe youll make it next time.. wink.
also, you guys might wanna start taking dancing lessons, the new stuf is swinging…

will let u no how it goes,


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