greeeat tony

okay, it seems like im the only one writing journals these day, is it me whos way too eager too please everyone, do i just enjoy my own writing tooooo much or is jonas and silas beeing GD lazy..??? hmm i dont no, but i have a few things i wanna recap anyways.

we have just arrived in AArhus, capital of juttland, after our first american tour, after a little short gentle amusing enjoyable trip of only 40 hours. yes ladies and gents, forty hours. plus. we came from LA, everythings fine, just gotta change flights quick in london, then were back in copenhagen, but no no, uuh uh, first, stay a liiiiittle longer on the plane ( 2 hours ), then, yeees you heard me, get all your luggage that was originally checked in all the way to copenhagen, then find out your plane is fucked, not leaving, no sorry, ok you gotta play a concert tomorrow, well, THIS IS TERRORISM, what can we do, okay well rent a tour bus, then drive to copenhagen, thats a good idea, 20 hours of more travelling. greeeat tony.

so thats the situation. ive just had my first meal, and a cup! of water in 30 hours, im happy, just glad to be alive really. thank you planet.
will you please sort out that israel-palestina conflict so we can all travel again. i cant believe how fucked the world is these days, im sorry. george bush and anden fogh rasmussen running things. thats just greeeeat tony.

were back from america. it was great, it was a great trip.

we started off in NY with our own show, at a place called Hiro, it was charming. i was kinda nervous, first show and all, but it went well, we had a lot of friends there and the label was great.
the next day we were off to New Jersey to start off the tour with Bloc Party, hard core man ( NJ, not BP !!) we played in the yard of a place called the stone pony, the place bruce the springsteen started out and apparently play every year.. it was a rough neighborhood, right on the ocean shore, beautiful beach. we had brought our friend damon tutunjian along and he, silas and i went to check on the water. i was ready to skinny dip, not wanting to get my underwear wet, but nooooo, tutunijian called, you cant do that here bo. and so silas and i had to swim in my underwear. FINE i thought. not so fine the lifeguard thought: ” i dont no where the you guys are from, but here we dont do shit like that here ” said the sad sick leathery looking old timer of a red neck lifeguard. ” get the hell off my beach “. and so we had to. what a prude. land of the free. bullshit.

i have since been explained that there excist a certain jersey type and i must say the guy was probably the most unpleasent person i met on the hole trip. in general the americans we met were open and friendly. the open thing is a rare experience for a dane and something i truely apriciate in the US.

after a few more NY shows, and a fun boston show that took place at a pavillion while a serious thunder storm was taking place, we went on our way to denver. home of the carringtons. wow did we watch dynasty every sunday in denmark when i was a kid, the crown jewel of arron spelling, nice. on the plane i had me a nice surprise when i found out my next seat neighbor was none other that mr. huey – hip to be square – lewis, king of the white mans blues in the eighties. i told him that i heard a story about his dad always telling him that music at the top of the charts were always shit, and so when he, they went no. 1, he went like: hmmm! ” i dont have to worry about that anymore ” he said. i guess he was right.

denver was great. everything seemed kinda new, not so great, but apart from that, we enjoyed our two days there alot. we went instrument shopping and i bouth a tipple??, an old 30`s french guitar that sounds like an old broken piano. aaanyways, i have to go to skanderborg now we are playing in 2 hours, so ill continue this saga one of the next days.


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