hi sliggers,

we just came back from a few days in norway, this time we had ventured to the indeed northen part of the country, mo i rana not to mention troms?, apprx 500 kilometers above the polar circle. it never gets dark this time a year in troms?, but it appears to never get really lights as well, there are some heavy clouds hanging over the city and the surrounding mountains and lakes. it was beautifull, but a severe threath to humanity. they did know how to party though we were soon to find out..wonderfull. the day before we had been on a fish killing spree in mo i rana, some nice people took us on a boat and we caught many fishes. jonas almost caught the big one, a 8-10 kilo cod, which jumped off right before getting pulled out of the water and into jonas mouth. one monster escaping another.the cook at the hotel prepared the fish for us for after the show, and there we were, drinking white wine, smoking and enjoying a well prepared i must say meal we had well deserved. hallelujah.

we will soon embark on our journey to america. this seems promising. we are the vikings coming back to reclaim territory. we start off in NY the 26th with our own show, then hook up with bloc party.. see you all there,


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