bub here

hi frengers.

bub here. im in london with silas the magic car. we are writing and im also editing a making of Mew and.. theres alot of material, its really fun to relive a little of the journey we took making that record, from getting the first parts together and then finally recording it in LA. and seeing michael again, hes a sweet guy.. i dont know if we will use it yet, well see, but its gonna be pretty long cause there just alot of goodies is how i see it.
were all getting together in the beginning of next moth to do collective writing and that should be quite sweet. we already have some good stuff me think.

other than that we are getting quite excited about going to america, we doing the BP dates and then a few of our own, please come down.. also thinking about australia, really wanna go there in the fall, whatayousay australia??

i went to see johans baby the other day, what a cute kid, he did well with those hips! he also went to see us play in idraetsparken, zulu, and even though it must have been a bit wierd he seemed to have enjoy it. you know, when youre in a band you aaaaalways wanna experience a show, just once from the outside (not possible). now he did. suprisingly enough he said it was just what he thought.. dont know what that means..!! smile.

kh bo

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