A rainy day in Germany (bit outside Berlin)


A rainy day in Germany (bit outside Berlin)
I woke up late. I nippled at an apple but it was dry and had that sandy texture that you don’t want in an apple. Made me think of Johan, he is an avid apple connoisseur, ever enthusiastic about the apple in hand pre-biting and almost always disappointed with the texture post-bite. It takes the right kind of apple to please a man of good taste. Outside the bus there was a road which let into a small camp site made out of gypsy vans. I did not have a clue how to find that road but luckily the doctor was around and able to remember, so he showed me the way. There had been soup earlier but it was all gone now. But I had a handsome helping of mu”sli which took the edge off. The festival site was really close to a large lake and you know what that means: a mosquito paradise. They handed out insect repellant but it didn’t seem to work that well. Everyone seemed so nice.

The show was very short – 40 minutes is what we were allowed. I think we went a bit over schedule though. It was in the afternoon so the sun prevented our projections from happening – it didn’t matter, we had a great show and people seemed really into it, they didn’t leave when it started raining but stood there watching and listening and getting soaked.
And I spotted quite a few people singing along. That always puts a smile on my face. Thanks to everyone that went and saw us!
Afterwards I had some chicken curry with rice and vegetables, it really hit the spot!

I did one serious interview and even spoke some German (not much though) and then we all did a tv interview which turned out pretty silly, guess we were all a bit tired and influenced by the rainfall. We had had three great nights by then, Stockholm and Ha”ssleholm both proved to be ecstatic experiences, thank you sweet Swedish people! In Ha”ssleholm I mistakenly walked out from the backstage house right into the field and then a bunch of crazy kids attacked me with loving hugs and it got a little crowded and weird so I ran off…sorry you guys:)

Back to Germany then, the present. Or actually as I am writing this in past tense it couldn’t really be the present, could it? Nah, you got me. We went out to see and hear some music, but I can’t remember who was playing and I think the bands we really wanted to see were playing too late for us to see them. We had a few celebratory drinks (it being the last day of this short tour) on the bus, driving away from the lake and the forest and the music.

Several thousand mosquitoes had made their way into the bus during the comings and goings of people all day. And we lay there, in our bunks sleeping, a buffet for them to feast upon.

– Jonas

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