I always so wanted to go to Iceland, so much so, that when my friend said he was going there for a while to do some writing I decided to tag along…..the beginning of summer is usually not busy with shows, just some scattered festival dates here and there. This gives us time to meet up and work on new songs; a lot of ideas have come about recently, and we are eager to create some new Mewness. But of course these are early stages, we have a lot of touring to do before anything coherent will take shape! Looking forward to going to the US soon. I like Bloc Party a lot, remember buying their EP, the one with Banquet on it one of our first days in LA.

Iceland is a beautiful place, the landscapes are like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else. And the people are really nice too. I feel like a new person after swimming in the blue lagoon! Two days ago we went to see Joanna Newsom play a show in a church, it was amazing!
She played her harp perfectly and was still able to sing just as perfectly! Looking forward to her new album. I certainly hope Mew will play a show in Iceland some day.

Wow, the last tour was amazing! Thanks everybody for making us feel so welcome! I never expected that many people to show! Only negative aspect was the aforementioned (well Bo mentioned them) problems with Swiss and Norwegian customs…oh well…whatever fizzles their pissle, I guess.

See you all soon!
– Jonas

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