may 9th

hi everybody who reads this and no one else! hmm

just finshed anoda tour, last show was in prague yesterday and what marvelous people the praguians. they sweated, they danced, they yelled obscenities in tjec, they were great. i had good food in prague and bought stuff there. but before we EVAH came so far we had been through alot of countries and bascially just.. alot. when we were on the way to norway for example, we had 3 different customs issues happening at the same time, each and one of them threathening to cancel the show. 2 in norway ( different places ) and one in switzerland ( the bus on its way to prague ). incidents involving rubber gloves and very scared danes. we almost caved in, we would do much to play this show, but to get deflowered by an norwegian customs officer, maby that was asking a bit too much? we payed our way out and got to play the show.
we brought sun with us where we came, we experienced the first days of summer ( seems like spring got skipped this year ) in zurich, had expensive ice cream, then tried some of the banks for my, now gone!, jewish part of the familys lost family treasures ( no luck! )

i gotta say however, rome, that reaaaaaaaally did it for me this time, i had completely forgotten about this wonderfull exotic town, where history and present is so wonderfully woven together, the woman are beatifull and full of temperment and the food is the greatest in the universe known to me kind. gracie roma.

bastian is so good on the bass he is starting to make me look like an ass, he knows the stuff better than i do now, almost. anyways, at least hes a sweet guy!! hes a sweetheart.

ai ai see you mothers soon.


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