Embarking on European tour

We’ve been spending 4 days in good ol’ Copenhagen rehearsing for the tour which is starting tomorrow, I’m pretty excited about this one because we will be playing in countries where we’ve never ever played before, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Also this tour will take us back to Germany where we played recently and had a wonderful time, and the darling of the north, Norway. A trek of 5 countries in a manner of 8 days… just beautiful.

You know, Copenhagen, for me, is the kinda place that changes every time you blink, yet always stays the same. Make sense? Guess not. Don’t really know what I’m trying to say. Anyway, it’s a wonderful city and I don’t think I realized that until I had been away from it for quite a while.

Silas and I went to see Daniel Johnston perform (along with a bunch of fine musicians interpreting his songs) at the Barbican recently, it was a very fine evening. He’s written some amazing songs, truly.

Oh yeah, in hindsight I see that I did not properly thank Symptoms for supporting us throughout the last Scandinavian tour, if you are not already familiar with his beautiful and violent soundscapes, check out www.symptoms.dk it’s remarkable.

And also a warm thank you to Paola of Ivana Helsinki (one of our favourite designers) for stopping by at our show in Helsinki.

Looking through my suitcase I stumbled across these very fine pictures taken by our excellent Norwegian guitar tech, Arild. They are from the gig and the soundcheck at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London a while back. Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

You will hear from us again soon!
See you out there

– Jonas

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