johan / zookeeper’s boy

hello frengrrrs,

its been a couple of wierd days. but the fact is that weve known for a while that johan was leaving and have had time to gain strenght after the initial shock. yeah sure its a blow and it felt like kind of a defeat, that we couldnt keep the beand together, and it drained me for a while, it did. but its strange, cause at the same time we are as motivated as ever, really. weve had such a good time on the road, we getting released in alot of new countrys like the us, where we will play this summer. and its exciting, it really is. and were writing and its good!

last show with johan was of all places in koln, germany. we had dinner together before the show and the mood was kinda light. what was really going on in johans head i dont know, it must have been so surreal for him, last night with the boys.

anyways gotta go, were in birmingham doing radio promo for zookeeper, just wanted to lety everyone know: its gonna be allright!


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