Frengers.. another incredible tour in Scandinavia has just come to an handstill end. I got quite sick midway through, some kind of flesh-eating infection, I don’t even wanna get into it.. but through the miracle of modern meds I was still able to perform and thank goodness for that! I flew to Copenhagen from Trondheim this morning to have a day of recuperation. The others went skiing somewhere in Norway (I’m sure they will have their very own journal entry to tell you about it).

Helsinki! You are some kind of generous galaxy of pure warmth and glowing excitement in spite of your -24 C temperature (a reverse fever). I can’t believe how much people have taken notice of our subtle magic! Every time we go to Finland it is like some strange wonderful dream.

Go”teborg, though we have played in your city-body only a few times you have already discovered the wizardry of Mew and we salute you for coming to give your support! Go”teborg seems like such a nice place, I hope to get to know it better some day. Stockholm! You frengers who did hear the modern sorcerers cry and came out to the Fryshuset (the frozen dungeon sports hall) to see and hear Mew, thank you so much for making our night!
Thanks for coming out to the frozen house, where ice cream is plenty.

Then there was Oslo, which in time has come to feel like a home to us – you guys rock! And though you are most often substantial purveyors of that magical potion Ja”germeister (at Mono bar, of course), I myself (on two kinds of antibiotics) had to miss out on the glorious nights and retire to my hotel room each night. Next time I will partake! But what great nights they were, the shows.. and the audience. Two nights in a row at Rockefeller! Can one ask for more? One thinks not!

Trondheim is a place we sadly missed out on during our last trip to Norway, but luckily we got to revisit this time, in the amazing venue of Samfundet, the round stage area where the ghosts of some distant otherworldly circus join in the music, the trunks of elephants blaring, the gnashing of one-wheeled bicycles, the drumrolls of some deadly acrobatic venture echoing in the dark.. and as always, great audience!

The whole tour was sold out, I believe, which is just… amazing! Thank you frengers for without you there would be no tour, there would be no albums, there would still be Mew, but it would be a Mew riddled with day jobs and little time for music… in short: we owe it all to you. Thank you.

My… how I ramble on… must be the meds. See ya soon!
Germany is next…

– Jonas

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