bodypart the eyes

hello everybodys bodypart the eyes, this is where you will first register this message.

we did a video the other day for zookeepers boy, we exsercised the other day, we were dancing the other day. it was exciting to be in shepperton studios, kubrick did dr. strangelove there. i took video footage and it seems like we were in a very big room, with alot of lights and people. we got tired afterwards, and only soft words were spoken on the way back.

we were delighted the other day. we sold platinum in dk the other day. it was nice the other day.

TODAY i went to check up some gear with silas and jj. we are to perform at the danish dance music for the masses awards – grammy we cannot call it – show on next saturday, we will be coming straight from some sweaty sexy show in jylland lets call it what it is, then we will be on to helsinki for a couple of fun nights, it will be cold but i will be warm in helsinki.

other than that i can tell you that tours are coming together for places we have never played before, and places we have played only TWO times before and that we will not rest untill the whole “#!#EUR”#EUR%&#%&#%!”EUR#&&% have listned to our humble musika.

lots of love for all frengers


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