Tue. 16 Sep. 2003

Hey everybody!!

I just felt like telling a little bit about my day…. We´ve been rehearsing for a few days now and to be hournest, it´s rrrrreally great but at the same time really fucking weird!! Playing and writing new merterial after spending sooooooo long with the Frengers songs… It´s just a bit fucking strange… What can I tell you then about the new stuff?? Well not too much at the moment, we´re just trying out idears and cooking up some, in places, pretty weird shit!!! No doubt it will be quite “Frentastic”… But we will do our best to keep you all very much in the loop, as our songs “PROG-ress”! After rehearsals I went downtown to have a look at what will become a 30 min. Mew “Rockumentry” from this years Roskilde… And JEBUS CHRISTIE Almighty, did that footage take me back to that fantastic night in June or what???!! I relived the tension, the drama and the feeling of total surpremacy!! What a fucking gig!!! Wish they could all be like that! The Rockumentry is going to feature on the Mew-dvd that we´re doing for Japan. And yes, I know that a lot of you guys living outside of Japan would love to get your hands on the barstad thing…. We will try to make this accesseble outside Japan! While I was in town I had the great pleasure of seeing some clips from a new shortfilm by our dear friend and longtime collaborator Sir. Jacques Tschernia. The film is called “God and Highdive” and it looks fucking ace!!! Tomorrow is another day at the Mew-rehearsal…. t´s bound to be gooooood! -See you all out there soooooon….

-Johan (Joey Mew)

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