Oslo, 12 September 2003

Hello out there. We are currently in Oslo doing a tv show, and coming back here today brought back all the mood of touring here two weeks ago! It’s Johan and Jonas at the helm, the others are slacking it off back home… We went to see the infamous Holmenkollen (Skii jump, the pride of northen Oslo) and yes, it was truly magnificent!

Touring here again recently felt amazing, it was bigger and better than ever before and we truly feel that we’re going places here in Norway! A thousand thanks to all of you frengers that came and saw the gigs!

We also did a fine ass show in Stockholm at the now legendary Debaser, we showed the “Svensken” how things must be done! Our brothers in arms from Kent came to see us and there was true brotherly love in the air! Thanks guys for promoting our gig on your website!

Back in Denmark we played an intimate show at Loppen in Christiania (home of the outlaws!) our new saggy and dull government are trying their best to close down that place, here’s hoping they don’t succeed! The gig was outstandingly hot (as in warm) but also even hotter in the other sense of the word (as in great, moving and intimate). We did a few more gigs in Denmark, all of which were, as always, a real pleasure and the air was heavy with magic. Actually, maybe the Loppen show was before the Norway gigs, I can’t be certain for I forget things once in a while.

We can now, at least for a couple of weeks, with good conscience begin writing and plotting our next release! Next week we’re headed for Belgium and Germany to play a few gigs there, this will be interesting as we haven’t really played there before! Hope there are some frengers out there who will come and make the shows as magical as can be!

We’re cooking up a cool dvd which will contain much frengefulness and magic, it is to be released later this year in Japan only (so far). It is going to have all the filmwork, the videos and other even rarer stuff (perhaps even some live footage)! It’s a little christmas gift, really.

That’s all for now, back to you, Frengers. Frengers? Are you there? Hope you are all doing well and we hope to see you soon!

-Johan and Jonas

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