28 August 2003

hi hiiiiii hi frengers.

the fall talks:

it mister madsen here. coming at you from..let me think..bergen, WE ARE IN NORWAAAY frengers and let me tell you: its a great day to be melancolic. oohh how i do LOVE these clear, sad, reflecting cold sunbeams of the fall! fall has always been my favorite time of year..mmmmmm.

That time on the ledge/nice to meet you mister moelby!:

we finsihed the track in liverpool after a long night of mixing, it turned out very pleasing and its not a dance song, its a go to bed, turn out the lights ( oh i wanna write something dirty here! arrgh! ) and think about that SOMEONE from WHEREVER that you really like ( i think i included everyone there.. ) song! then something happened!!johan and i had gone to seee our team, chelsea take out liverpool on sunday. it was great. then in the airport on our way to portugal, who do we meet? JAN GD MOELBY, the most liverpoolest danish player ever. a legend. a sexsymbol to thousands. we had talked about him alot while recordin since ken our producer was a great liverpool supporter. i almost dare say he had been the muse of the track. we talked for along time, we covered pretty much all aspects of the game, plus he threw in a few classic anekdotes. johan and i had a gooooood time, the others did not care at all and wouldnt have given him the time of day. suckers!

the portugal exp in short cause i have to go now:

off to portugal, in to the mountains ( i will crawl.. ) we went, ended up in this guerilla camp w. young cute but very stoned portuguese offspring. it was DA CHILL MAAN. probably the most cosy festival i ever been to. IT WAS GREAT. what a scene! im moving to the big P! the hole crew enjoyed the trip very much. we love you portugal!you rock!suck my.. aaaaaaanyways i stayed sober, thats my new style frengers, straight edge w a twist. a big twist. ( sorry i was soo drunk in malmoe! ) and it was fun.

i see you laters,


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