18 August 2003, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

11:19 am
Good morning frengers!
We’ve been spending the last few days recording our song entitled That Time On The Ledge, which hopefully will be released pretty soon! And let me tell you, it is going to be a beautiful recording! I’ve been playing it live on my own for some time now, but this is a full band performance with brilliant texture and splendid details. We have some photos to show you from the studio, but we’ll have to upload them at a later time, as this comp doesn’t have the necessary plugs and things to load them. This is a really nice studio and one of my favourite things is being in a studio. It’s what you call a “residential studio” meaning that we live here during the sessions, so it’s kinda like a hotel as well as a studio. What else? Oh yeah, I’ve started working on some new film clips (did I tell you this already?) together with Silas and they are going to be our best film work yet! There seems to be a lot of creative energy in the band these days and it is a beautiful morning.
Frengefully yours,

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