24. sep 2003

Hallo again….

I seem to be the only one writing the journal these days but that´s because I just discovered how much fun it is!!! I used to keep a journal of my own when I was younger but stopped doing it some time ago now. So here I am… (“Rockin´like a hurricane….”(Scorpions ca. mid 1980, at the height of their career. red.)) And speaking of the Scorpions…. We´ve just gotten back from a short tour of Germany. To be precise, I have to add that we did one show in Brüxelles before entering Scorpions teritory…. We played at the Botanique Festival in the heart of E.U. We were blessed by the weathergods and it was all sunshine ragae! From Brüxelles we went to Köln. I remembered being there with my dad and sister some 15 years ago and set out on a quest to revisit some of places we saw back then. First up were the Kölner Dome. One huge church. I started walking, it was Sunday, the weather was top and everything seemed allright. It was actully kind of exciting to check out this new place on my own. Here I was, a sleepy German city, about to relive my childhood, and after about half an hour walk, completly lost! Hhhhhmmmm….. I never even made it to the Kölner Dome…. For fuck…. How hard could it be?? Well…. I finally made it back to the bus and acording to the other guys who got to see the Dome… It was still pretty fucking huge.


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