03 October 2003, London

Hello all frengers across the lands!! Just a quick message from me, who is Jonas, to say thank you to all the frengers that were kind enough to remember my birthday! Thanks so much for all the messages and presents, in particular I wanna thank Sidse, Mathilde and Marie for waiting outside the tv studio to give me presents and cake! That was so sweet of you! This week we’ve been working on new songs (as I know Johan has already told you) and next week we’ll be touring Sweden with the Cardigans, hope to see some frengers in the crowds and hopefully, just think how nice it would be, we will soon be ready to record again. I am mad about the new songs, hope you will be too. Well, gotta go back to the house to meet the others for another rehearsal/writing session.

Stay well and evil and we’ll be seeing you soon!
Lots of frengidity as always,

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