Thursday 16 Oct. Evil Office HQ.

Thursday 16 Oct.
Evil Office HQ.

I´m here at our luxurious Headquarters working out what to say to you all…. Our people!…..

We´ve been spending quite a lot of time in our big brothers backyard lately (Sweden, that is). We´ve had the pleasure of touring with another great swedish band: the Cardi-giants! First we enjoyed the pleasure of the Kent-boys and now… Cardigans… I remember thinking a couple of years ago that we one day would have the chance of playing with these bands and now it´s been done! At this point it kind of feels naturel but…. oh boy… It´s medicine for the soul when childhood dreams come true!!!! The other day we fell upon some pictures from our recordingsession with Ken Nelson in Liverpool and Jonas has promised to get them on the site here in the Journal pages, so look out for that! There is nothing more sexy than pictures of four guys in a room full of equipment!!??? Hhhmmmm….

My girlfriend is kissing me and making it really difficult for me to finis………hhhhh…. th…iii…sss………


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