‘The Night Believer’ Music Video

To forge even closer ties to their dedicated fans, Mew gave themselves a challenge: They invited thousands of international fans to join in a challenging experiment: To create and participate in a music video for the song The Night Believer taken from their new album ‘+-‘.

2.250 fans from all over the world signed up for the project and from these 1.000 individual contributions from 65 different countries became part of the final music video called The Night Believer (feat. Frengers).

“This project has been all about creating something exceptional and totally different together with our fans. We are super happy with the many contributions we have received – and that our fans have wanted to throw themselves into this experiment together with us”, says Mew.

Director / Animation: William Reynish – www.billrey.net
Production: The Woerks – www.thewoerks.dk

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      1. I’m going frame by frame. Google Chrome had an extension I downloaded. Allows this on YouTube. Just started, but no familiar faces yet. Someone drew a simple picture of a face and it was used, so I guess all is in.

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