the kites are resting and new material is upon us…

hi frengers.

thank you for a great weekend to the the ones that showed up for our two shows this weekend. it will probably be the last shows before we start recording the new record, there were talks of returning to america once more before that, but now it looks like the show last night in gothic svartland will be the last. and to be honest its probably for the best since the new songs, the new record is growing and becoming better and better and i kinda want to focus on that now since we have been on the kites tour for so long now. none the less these were two fun to play gigs, a little nerves on in copenhagen, but apart from our video projections not quite doing what they were supposed to, it went very well. we did receive a great gift from some very artistic and super frengers, lead by the infamous denise o’neil, it was and is cause i have it right here in my apartment as im writing this, a big black book with everything a frenger would need, pics, drawings and lots of great writing. its a declaration of love thats the way i see it and its very heart warming. THANK YOU SO MUCH. everybody tripped over it.

now im so tired, we have traveled so much the last days, i have slept 3 hours each night and im done.

take care. see you all soon. we are here.


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