New Film Diary Episode!

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A while back I promised a new episode of the film diary. That was quite a long time ago.
So… we’ve kept you waiting. “No worries”, you might scream out, from the goodness of your hearts.
But we do it on purpose, to build the suspense. And to make ourselves seem more important.
This is the longest episode yet, and let me just say without giving away too much, that this one has
time lapsed clouds in it. I am a big fan of time lapsed clouds, they are so exciting!
If you want to see it the way it was intended and you have a swift internet connection I suggest you
click the link beneath the frame thingy and get the full quality version, it’s well worth it because of the
crispness and detail.
Also, my thumb came all numb from accidentally spraying canned ozone on it.
Arriverderci frengeritas!
– Jonas

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