Song birds a’singing

Hello my frengetic pretties..

When we work on songs: It can be a painstaking process. We have something that’s alive in our hands, like a fledgling bird and then from one moment to the next, through no fault of its own, it’s in pieces, simply because it is flawed and unable to survive in the wilderness of the Evil Office.

You see, only the most colourful and beautiful and naughty birds survive here in our place. They gotta be swinging and dancing and sometimes sad so that they dip their beaks in pools of their own tears, blowing many-coloured bubbles up at you. And sometimes mysterious, no one really knows what they’re thinking, you’ll be looking up at this weird bird and you’ll ask your friend who sits beside you eating steamed broccoli, “what do you think that bird’s up to?” and your veggie lovin’ friend will reply “I have no idea. It’s a mystery”.

But I digress…
So at any rate: We are in full swing and it feels great!

We had Damon staying with us for a while adding some of his magic into the big pot of Mewity.
Here’s a pic (Film diary episode on its way):


That’s really all I wanted to tell you tonight, in so many words.

Also, we are looking forward to playing live again this friday and saturday, hope you’ll be there!

Finally, not long ago I created a 4 minute animation for the Danger Global Warming project. It can be found on their myspace, should you want to have a look:

– Jonas

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