Saturday March 29 2003, Message from Bo

Message from Bo:

Dear frengers.

We’re back from a few days in the cold north. we got up at 3am wedensday to catch the plane to oslo and since it is spring time here in darling London town, we were not prepared for the snow that greeted us at proud Oslo international airport! call us stupid, but we try to believe the best about every country. Olso was beautiful as usual, and we spent a busy day with Norwiegian folk, clever people those Norwigians, they like us frengers, and we ended up at our usual spot when we hit Oslo: Mono Club. I had to send Jonas, Johan and Silas back to bed and I was led into the night by Kim our local evil office rep. Back at the hotel we for the second time that day bumped into Red Hot’s Anthony Kiedis, of whom we bummed some concert tics and gave frengers. I did not get much sleep before I was awaken 6:30am by JJ the tour manager: the others were waiting. I guess I swung in his direction a few grim words, then hurried downstairs.

Stockholm was another busy day waiting to happen and so we finished the day late at MTV’s morning glory playing Comforting Sounds unplugged. I, of course tried to hit on Kiki, the hostess, but was ignored as usual..

We were all really tired and after we grabbed some pyt i pande, Swedish speciality, at the airport, we got on the plane and soon were reunited with what we frengers refer to as : beds.. We’re going to NY tomorrow, and we will write you from there.

see you soon, Bo

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