A Bunch Of Things That Have Happened

Hello everyone. We’ve had a semi-hectic time this last couple of weeks, visiting our home town of Copenhagen to play the Danish Music Awards show and interviews and finding it hard to squeeze in time to see our family and friends. But who are we to complain? We’ve had a lot of fun as well, and last week we did a photo shoot with photographer Helena Christensen (yes, she’s also a supermodel) which looks to turn out pretty weird and great and interesting, as those obligatory band photos can sometimes be somewhat boring to behold we wanted to make some more dramatic and mysterious ones. Oh and we just confirmed today that we’re doing a gig with the American band OK Go (are they American? not sure…) on March 18th at the 93FT East.

We hope to see some Mew-fans and Evil Office Clerks there! And finally we are finally set to play Denmark again (although not until May) so we’re looking forward to that, as well as more Scandinavian dates to follow although still not sure when exactly… in other news, it looks like we finally got rid of all the rats in our apartment. At a point it was sort of divided into two parts, one for humans and one for rats. But we had a good talk to the rats and they have agreed to leave us alone now, making it possible once again to have girls visiting. To make sure we don’t get too lonely a new nest of wasps has appeared outside the kitchen window…


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