Tuesday April 8th 2003, Message from Bo & Jonas

Message from Bo & Jonas:

Hello dear frengers and clerks.

were back from NY, the show went well, we had good talks with the american sony / evil office reps, seems we’re gonna be spending some time there.. after a few days in the apple, the others went back, i had promised myself to stay a while, simply: i like it there so much.. i hooked up w an old friend of mine living in brooklyn, and i walked a lot around there, passing through some pretty authentic places.. all of brooklyn is sort of divided into different parts, the black hood, the jews, puertoricans etc. that provides ever changing sceneries and makes it quite entertaining to go for a stroll.. and after reading STUPID WHITE MEN i totally get how it is not the black hood that is the most dangerous so i felt really safe.. thats good…

sooooooo, today jonas and i chatted? on the net, at least answering some of your ? and we probably didnt do a very good job but sony were happy! no, thanks for all the ? and sorry we didnt answer them all ( alot were kind of similar anyways )…

Hi, Jonas here. I too enjoyed New York although it was slightly colder than I had expected this time of year… anyway, we look forward to going back there. In London, I wanna thank Lydia for the cookies. We kept some as a memento. So, the album is finally out, we plan to do a lot more touring soon and see some well-known cities where we’ve played before as well as some wholely unknown-to-us cities. Thanks everyone who’s gone out and got the album, we hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon at some gigs, yeah? Have a great remainder of the week!

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