Roskilde Festival Announced

Mew will return to Roskilde Festival next Summer. The largest (and second oldest) annual Nordic rock music festival announced their first nine acts today and Mew is even featured in the kick-start video, available on YouTube. The band has played at this festival many times before, but in 2012 they performed on the main stage (the now legendary Orange) for the first time (for some 50.000 spectators). It is probable that Mew will play the same venue next year as well. Tickets can be found behind this link.

As has happened before with Roskilde Festival, this will be Mew’s only Danish festival gig next Summer.

Photo: Rasmus Weng Karlsen


6 thoughts on “Roskilde Festival Announced”

    1. I am sure they will. Mew will either play Orange Stage or Arena and all those shows are being recorded professionally if I remember correctly. Over the last couple of years, Roskilde Festival has gotten a lot better at streaming the shows from those two stages too. I think the only way that a public professional recording of the show would not be available, would be if Mew plan to release it themselves on an official DVD/Blu-ray.

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