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just went through the latest post’ on myspace, theres a few ?
first: we dont use drumloops. and what silas is smoking i really dont no, nothing according to him, but really, who trusts a drummer? also, we wont be playing denmark for a while, the tivoli gig was kinda the last copenhagen show for this record, a fine farvel for now. we did talk about doing a benefit show for a good cause, i dont no. i was also thinking, instead of the benefit show, we could try to start a chain reaction thing where we all for x mas didnt wish for presents but for people to use the money the would have spent on your present to pay to some charity. then theyd get a certificate the could wrap up and give to you on xmas eve instead. then the people who did that would get a small special present from us or something? what do you all think, could it work?? i just think the whole x mas extreme extravaganca is just too much. compared. i mean, it shouldnt be every year, but we couold try it. ask your friends, what do they say..?

i also wanna say that today i miss japan, and that we will try to make it to mexico next time in the US. and that we are working out the next US tour as we speak, even though we are not speaking right now.


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