hulk hogan

frengers, not chicken fingers, some people pronounce frengers so it sounds like a fast food snack or something, please stop doing that okay, have some respect for christ sake. this is gonna be a short one cause im headed for bed, nigthty night, but i gotta tell y’all of you that i just came back from watching the dvd live show and it looks grande and the boys did a good job and that well get that shit together for you in a few weeks and that i really also like the making of thingy that will also be on the dvd, its an hour, and that u should not loose hope or anything like that.
we came back to copenhagen and now were taking off for mother russia tomorrow and nastrovia and hail the tyrants..

all right, ill admit it, i dindt finish and now its another day..

headline: silas cut his hair! “i was just shocked to find out, silas graae, my dear friend and drummer of mew, had in fact cut his hair.he cut his hair and now its short. he looks like a boy. haaansome! silasu, there was one girl in japan, she couldnt speak when she saw silasu.

i gotta tell you a story. we did an interview in NY, they told us they play songs to people they interview, and they played mew to….
HULK HOGAN. he was promoting his daughters new record, sounds sick, yes, and this is what he said when they asked him what he thought: “
mew? phe-hewww ” and then apparently wiped his ass with it. poor guys on the cover. i think that guy is smarter than he looks is what i think.
oh yeah, hulk, btw, i really enjoyed watching stallone destroy your white ass in rocky III.

other than that, we have a very busy week here at the evil ofice, alot of things to get through and we are looking for a reheasel space, big and nice, and in central copenhagen, so tip us off if you can.. we havent really had a rehearsel space for years and i cant wait to get one again, its kinda important when youre.. a band.

excited bout the new music.

goodbye. take care

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