Day off in Chicago (and some recent memories of America)

Chicago; birthplace of Henry Darger

Our bus is parked outside of a chocolate factory and the scent of cocoa perpetually permeates the air.

I spent the day walking aimlessly around in the drizzle. But I was aimless in a good way; it was my discovery of the new age.
In this world and the next I will be forever grateful for having had experiences like these – getting to play our music for our frengers around the world and getting to see new and different places.

I am so amazed at the reception and response we have had here in the US, thank you so much for showing up!
Supporting the cause of back and forth (back is the new forth!)

O Mount Helen, what secrets lie in your mossy plains and watery depths?
(Actually, as Silas pointed out this is not a picture of Mt Helen per say, but rather a nearby landscape, as I slept in that day I missed the actual view of Mt Helen).


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