in minneapolis, i feel like i see prince on every street corner. i don’t. he is in LA. its so cold here, makes me really melancollie, season changes always do, but this, this is my favorite season and ill do anything to get that miserable feeling, sadness, tucking yourself in, emotions and all, waiting for spring to come and unravel u once again. is that an english sentence? the thing is, that really you have just as many emotions during winter, and its kind of hard getting it off your chest, being stuck under an glacier and all. last time we were here, about 3 weeks ago, we dined at a grand establishment right of 1. ave. fine foods indeed, and wine, wu huu, and a waiter that had served prince many times. he always drinks his wine with a straw. so do i. i mean now i do.

its been a long tour. long should be spelled looooooooooooooong. but then it wouldnt sound right, it would be like some minneapolian with norwegian ancesters would say it: loooooong winter JAHR? theres a reason we kicked those people out of scandinavia in the first place…

fuck it was beautiful up the west coast from SF. fuck i got fed up with driving all the way. fuck i had a great early sunday raining morning walk in Vancouver. fluck.

now i dont like that word anymore and ill stop using it, maybe i should switch to danish for a while. get really comfortable. hvordan gaar det piger? form is taking over content, must stop. hey im including some pictures, there we go, i just found out how to do it, i no, easy, but anywaysse, here they are.
down: dolphins on venice. spent a whole day there, swimming around in the ocean, riding waves and talking dolphin.

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