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on the bus, travelling to detroit, spent a day visiting our palster dame tutunijian in ann arbor, where he a stud-ying. nice. enough. allright, so we are on this long tour of the US and a little bit of canada, some might have noticed. yeah///kicked it off in NY with the iranian president, the UN summit, yes it was alot of fun, Ahmadinejad you crazy sonsabitch, hope u got back to the hotel allright?

so this is detroit. ehh. it looks so eminem. no madonna, theres a groove her. urban man. where do u eat it? ill definitly go check it folks.

what else. we were supposed to go to mexico, we no theres alot of frengers there that have been waiting for a show, and it almost happened, then, pzzzzse, it didnt. ill make it my duty to make sure we go to mexico soon.
on vacation. offcourse.

i think the tour is going well. we got it nailed. kites was top 10 on college radio a few weeks ago and we feel the love. soo many people come from far away to see the shows, its great gesture to the band. thanks, man and wife. i bought a playstation for the bus, i no i shouldnt have, i havent talked to anyone in days, its such a waste of time, well well. did squeeze in a showing of ” an inconvinient truth ” the al gore gore, its really good and nasty and scary, can we have him for president again please? flanked by a pissed off hillary clinton. that would be nice.

while we were in france, we finished the editing on the making of kites, its cute, i think well put it on the live dvd which supposedly appears in nov-dec, one of the last shows with johan. ive seen some of the footage, 19 cameras, theres two for each! of my feet, one from the back and one more focused on the front action, laces etc.
it looks great. danca.



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