hoho and hehe

hoho and hehe.. frengers, from the chimney i say to you all: merry christmas, jesus christ!! was born and we will celebrate by stuffing ourselves with nice fat and wine. fine. sounds good to me.
santa clause, me, im from denmark. i know there has been rumors that i was from finland, noooo, too cold, from greenland, id get bored, from coca cola, id like that. no no nononononoonoo non! pas de tout.
im from denmark, and so is so and hoho. the ho ho actually comes from the danish words Hoppende Hoste, wich means The jumping cough, see, i was very ill one year and had a terrible cough that made me jump everytime i coughed, and the little elfens, de smaa nisser, got very scared! i say it now to remind them who is boss, to get those lazy midgets to work. so thats a nice little x-mas story for you right there…

i hear from my raindeer that you have all been behaving prety good ( in these times that means no major crime work, no felonies, no beating up kids and no burning of churches ) so i guess you can all expect a little thing in your stocking this year,


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