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“…The simple lyrics fit nicely atop the absolutely enormous soundscape presented by Rows. No doubt this song is in league with Comforting Sounds and Cartoons and Macramé Wounds as the most colossal-sounding Mew tracks to date. If any song could oust Comforting Sounds as a closing sound for a live concert, this is it. Even if Mew are able to figure out a good arrangement for playing this track live, the level of effort to play it properly seems monumental.”


Here it is… OUR album review of +- written by Ann Lancaster. This is a rather long read, but that’s how we like it. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “’s ‘+-‘ Album Review”

  1. A detailed and passionate review indeed! What a joy to read.
    Wish me strenght, I am trying so hard not to listen the album until it reaches my hands.
    I´ve managed a whole day! (I´ve listened the first half ( CtaBD and the new version of MF sound so good I cry)) but then I forced myself to shut it.

    Let see if I manage the whole week 🙂

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