Osaka, Japan

By public demand a picture of our beloved Doctor Watts in Shibuya. Watch out for our upcoming rendition of “Doctor in Spring” as performed by the dear Doctor himself and a few of his friends (us) joining in… it’s been a favorite for the soundchecks recently, along with “Ingen anden dr?m” by Anne Linnet.

JJ seems reluctant to wanna have his picture up here, but don’t worry, I’ll get him!

Also included a few other pics from the tour so far, more to come!

Thanks to everyone who’ve come to see our shows in Japan so far! Boy, I really messed up “Shiroi Kuchibiru No Izanai” on the first night… it’s strange how lyrics can be hard to remember when they’re not in your first or second language… and you’re jetlagged… and there’s no light on stage where you “discreetly” placed the lyrics on the floor in case you drew a blank… which of course you did… and the monitor signal going into the speakers… well, not many more things could have gone wrong! thanks for your understanding!

Last night in Kawazaki I think it went much better, and I felt a bit like I was reading aloud to you, like a bed time story or something! haH ha

Thanks also for all the presents! You frengers are spoiling us, that’s for sure!

Wow, all the prizes we’ve been winning, isn’t that amazing?? Can’t believe we’ve become so popular as to me being voted the best Danish singer! Count it!
And thanks to Elbow for being so nice to us and having us on their UK tour!
If you don’t know Elbow, check out their song “Grace”, that’s my fave of their songs.

Oops, I’m late for soundcheck gotta ske-daddle! (is that how you spell it? No?? what do you mean, “no”?? of course that’s how you spell it!)



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