5 December 2005: Kyoto, Japan

It’s sad the tour is already over.. looks like there will be some time passing before the next live gigs, but that will allow me some time for making new film clips and for the band to rehearse. Of course most of them scrammed (like scram! in past tense… no?) back to London and are living it up in our new house right now…I am sticking around for a few more days. So much nice stuff here. Today I saw the Palace that was taken over by the Shogun, the one with the squeaky floor to alert them about intruders.

We played Symmetry in Nagoya, hadn’t played it for a while, it was really nice to hear Becky’s voice up there with us again. Some day she will sing with us live, I just know it, some day when she’s less busy with school and all the teenage stuff 🙂

Next year is looking to be exciting with playing new places and old places and places unconfirmed but alluring and exotic.

I met Jeppe from Junior Senior by random on the streets of Shibuya this morning, I’m looking forward to catching their show on wednesday.

A big thank you to all of you for coming to the shows, you are wonderful. And I wanna thank the crew: JJ, Mads, Dyre, Kasper, Jakob (the new kid), the doctor (most disobnoxiated one!) and my Mewies da Bossy Blackly, Silas the Grey and Prince Woolheart of mighty Courage.

Last but not least a big shout out to Asaki (congratulations, mylady), Yoko, Yuri, Taito and Kumi the eternally beautiful, Ken plus a very special personal thanks to Toshie for helping me out so much and for being so cool and nice to us! If I am neglecting to mention someone please forgive me it’s late and I’m a liiiiiitle tipsy!

– Jonas

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